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EOT Cranes
Electric Overhead Traveling cranes are operated on electricity. These cranes are vastly used in the warehouses, workshops, and on stock ground of industrial and mining enterprises for loading, unloading and transporting heavy loads. EOT cranes are forbidden to use in combustible and explosive environment.
Goliath Gantry Cranes
Goliath Cranes are huge in size and self-propelled cranes. These cranes are extensively used to handle extremely heavy articles. Such cranes run on rails that are mounted on ground level and have the capability of movement in all the three axes.
Overhead Cranes
Overhead Cranes lift, lower, move and transport loads horizontally. These cranes have high lifting capacities for load movement. This type of crane is highly adaptable and can be operated on any plant floor surface. Widely used in warehouses, chemical industry, automotive industry, etc.
Elevators are mainly categorized as a type of vertical transportation that make people and goods move between floors of a building. Our elevators are powered by electric motors. These elevators have minimize our time and effort to an extent.
Double Girder Cranes
Double Girder cranes are ideally recommended for handling and conveying heavy duty loads. This type of crane consists two girder beams that is why they are called double girder cranes. These cranes are unlimited to maximum span and capacities.
Single Girder Crane
Single Girder Crane requires only one bridge beam and is commonly used for operating light to medium duty loads. This type of crane is often a cost efficient solution for various industries. These are ideal for workshops, warehouses, material yards, and manufacturing and production facilities.
Industrial Wire Rope Hoist
Wire Rope Hoist lifts loads by coiling a cable around a grooved drum. This rope hoist is generally known to offer a wider variety of options with fast lifting speeds. Wire rope hoist provides the best features and durability to our customers.
Heavy Duty Chain Pulley Blocks
Chain Pulley Blocks are often manually operated to handle very heavy duty loads such as automobiles engines but our modern pulley blocks run on electricity. Such blocks are generally used in garages, on construction sites and in agricultural areas as well.
Glass Facia Cleaning System
Glass Fascia Cleaning System is preferably used  for the maintenance of window glasses, panes, fascia etc. The cleaning system is specifically designed with optimum grade alloys on applying modern technologies. This is applied in various commercial, residential and industrial areas.
Concrete Block Machines
Concrete Block Machines are used for manufacturing blocks of concrete. These blocks are made from cement and aggregate, usually sand and fine gravel. Widely used on construction sites for various industrial purposes. These machines can produce lower density blocks as well as high density blocks as per users requirement.